Earth Science

Analyzing the sediment at the bottom of the Five Lakes of Fuji (Fuji-goko)
and the geological feature of Kofu Basin, We look at how climate changed,
how human activities affected nature, and how geological upheaval and its
periodicity occurred in the past. Based on these findings,
we will be able to predict environmental change in the future.

Plant Ecology

We investigate the features of plant groups and examine the role of plants
in ecological systems.We conduct research on the interaction between the
greenhouse effect caused by changes of atmospheric CO2 gas and plants,
and estimate how the greenhouse effect affects plants in Yamanashi.

Animal Ecology

Researching distributions and habits of animals, we investigate the animals'
way of living and their roles in the ecological system. We conduct research on
the relationship between the environmental changes due to land development
and population changes of certain animal groups. We also establish an ideal
way of creating regions where we can coexist with animals.

Environmental Biochemistry

We precisely analyze trace elements and chemical substances in the
environment, especially in underground water. We examine the chemical
features of our environment and also conduct research on the relationship
between human health and environment from the chemical point of view.